About the Aquila Synergy:

Aquila Racing Cars A/S is Denmark’s largest car manufacturer and Synergy is the newest Aquila.

Aquila Racing Cars A/S is also Scandinavia’s largest racing car manufacturer.

Aquila has always built racing cars – even before the company was founded! The people behind Aquila were passionate motorsport lovers for a very long time and this led to the dream of building the ultimate car for the Formula Ford class. The result was very successful and British Autosport called the Danish-designed and Danish-built car “the world’s most innovative Formula Ford ever”. It became known in Denmark as the car that secured Kevin Magnussen’s first Formula championship. He was then a factory driver for Aquila.

A quick-specification

Engine: Toyota 1KR-FE
Power: 93 hp
Weight: 410kg (Min.weight incl. driver 510kg)
Power-to-weight: 227 hp per tone

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The philosophy behind Aquila Synergy:

Kevin and many others show that the talent is there – but it is difficult to break through. Aquila wanted to make it easier and cheaper for future talents to get started in track racing in a real race car, and therefore the Aquila Synergy was developed with strict requirements:

  • It would be a real racing car, built with a strong and safe aluminum monocoque
  • The suspensions would be fully adjustable and built according to classic race principles
  • The whole car would be ultra-light and it weighs only 410 kilos, which makes it incredibly responsive

Although the Aquila Synergy is a completely modern design, it is also a classic racing car of the type, which can teach a driver how to drive a racer – and therefore it is the perfect school car.

  • At the same time, Synergy is cheap to operate, as the ultra-low construction saves on both tires and brakes – and keeps fuel consumption to a minimum.

Before the introduction, the car was tested several rounds in motorsport’s home country of England and the result was that the two test cars produced the lowest operating costs the test teams had in over 20 years of active competition. And along the way, the Synergy cars won these classes too!

The Aquila Synergy Cup now gives the drivers in Denmark and Sweden the opportunity to take part in these advantages and over a number of years Aquila Formula 1000 has proven that it really works as the Nordics’ new entry level class!

Price for a race-ready car: €33.320 + VAT

Thanks to close cooperation with the Danish factory, several plans can be offered for those who want a car. One-time payment, leasing or per competition.

Offer: If you choose to lease the car, you can buy it separately after the season or during the journey, the entire amount paid is deducted from the new price without fees or interest.

Contact Dan Suenson directly: +45 40 52 11 30