Custom Engeneeing

We have decades of experience producing parts and assisting in projects for other manufacturers and race teams. To discuss a new project contact us.

Our Engineering

At Aquila Racing Cars, we do more than build the fabulous CR1 Sports GT and the multiple championship winning FD1 Formula Ford as choosen by Jan Magnussen’s son, Kevin, to slingshot his racing career.

We think. We invent. We re-define the concept. And then we create.

Our highly skilled staff are real professionals who push the boundaries of what is possible this means we can manufacturer one-off items of exquiste quality that will exceed your expectations. our engineering experience is extensive and is only matched by our passion to do things right, first time. So for your next custom requirements give Aquila Racing Cars a call to discuss your exact needs.

Just like a swiss watch, we are true craftsmen…

Aquila Engineering

Here at Aquila racing cars we love a fresh challenge, there is always a new exciting idea in the design room but actually we find the most interesting projects come to us via Email or phone call.

Almost weekly we are contacted asking if we can produce a new suspension setup for a car project or even fit a Ferrari engine into a motorbike. Of course not every idea we receive ends up on the drawing board, however some do! We use our expert knowledge and in house production team to make dreams and personal projects come true.

A solution can be found if the conditions are correct.”

If you have difficulty producing a part or are experiencing problems with a small production issue just drop us an email, it only takes a few moments and we could have a fast and easy solution for you.