The CR1 LS7 is the most powerfull CR1 made

Chevrolet’s new-generation of all-alloy V8 engines are absolute gems! Although retaining pushrod valve operation from a single central camshaft, the LS-series engines are nonetheless technologically very advanced and refined engines, revving up to 7000 rpm.

Powerful and possessing massive torque, due to their large swept volume, they are also very reliable, as they do not need high levels of race tuning, and, remarkably, they are almost the same (low) weight as the BMW M60 in race trim, which is a testament to their state-of-the-art design.

With 7 litres of raw power and torque, the LS7 is the most powerful engine option for the Aquila CR1 available.

The LS7 features cross-bolted main bearings, titanium connecting rods and sodium-cooled exhaust valves – a very sophisticated piece of kit. The LS7 is obviously best suited to classes with no restrictions on power or engine capacity, or to classes restricted by power-to-weight ratio run on high-speed circuits, where the high power means high straight-line speeds, and the high torque enables carriage of considerable ballast without undue loss in acceleration performance.

How to buy

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CR1 LS7 prices start at €165,000.00