CR1 Sports GT

The Aquila CR1 is a V8 powered racecar designed to be driven by anyone.

The Aquila CR1 Sports GT is a 2-seater coupé built purely for racing, track events, track days and racing schools.

The CR concept is developed with the following points in mind:

  • Low purchase price
  • Cheap to run, and
  • A car capable of challenging experienced or inexperienced drivers and teams

Safety is prioritised higher than the lowest weight possible, in some championships the CR1 actually has to run with added weight or reduced power, meaning that we were able to achieve a very stiff and safe chassis with an impressive centre of gravity.

The design is simple and the cars aero package adds to the overall impression of the car, further upgrades can be added to improve down force which is great for race teams and other competitors. We get emails every week complimenting the design of the car. Many people stating that we have made a truly beautiful race car. We certainly agree!

Cockpit, chassis and control panels are designed so that the car can accommodate both small and larger drivers with a passenger on board, we achieved this without the car exterior being compromised.

Every car is delivered with one set of rims with slicks, the bodywork is ready for paint, sequential gearbox, front lights, rear lights, turn signals, an integral air jack system and FIA approved racing fuel cell, roll over structure and fire extinguishers complete with approved documents.

How to buy

If you want to purchase an Aquila CR1 Sports GT please fill this form and choose between various options.