Powerlog System

Category is decided by power to weight and runs over four different classes: GT, Supersport I, Supersport II and Sport. This is controlled by the PowerLog system, it consists of a small box that is fitted in all cars and uses a G-force sensor, a gyroscope and a GPS receiver to measure the velocity through the usual physical power calculation formulas. The weight of the car including the driver is known and the acceleration measurement is then applied. During every race there is a mandatory pit stop for all cars which must last 60 seconds, this allows a driver change if two drivers are sharing a car, thus making the races more even.

Plenty of challenge avilable

With professional and semi-professional drivers, running over semi-endurance races there is plenty of challenge available. Because of a wide variety of drivers participating in various levels of experience, there is a ‘Fair play’ system. If a participants finishes a race between 1st and 3rd they receive additional time on the mandatory 60 second pit stop, if they finish between 4th and 6th or lower the time is restored:

1st = an additional 15 seconds.
2nd = an additional 10 seconds
3rd = an additional 5 seconds.
4th = 5 seconds removed.
5th = 10 seconds removed or until 60 seconds is restored
6th or lower = 15 seconds or until 60 seconds is restored

This system ensures the optimal battle between professionals, semi-professionals and gentlemen drivers.

Events are broadcasted on two different TV channels SBS 6 and MotorsTV, it is also streamed online with English, French and German commentary available.

Watched closely by a great number of fans the Dutch Supercar Challenge supports their campaign within in the European racing community with clever marketing and extensive use of social media. Regular updates are available through Facebook making it very easy to keep up to date with who is driving what and which race teams are dreaming up new ideas. Dutch Supercar Challenge also offers VIP treatment at events so fans can enjoy the race in comfort with their very own Dutch Supercar Challenge catering team on hand.

The Dutch Supercar Challenge is organised by Dick van Elk and Renate Vissers, with the help from many volunteers under the umbrella of V-Max Racing Management (VRM) in Breda. It is a championship with an exclusive grid of cars ranging from GT2’s to Touring cars and runs on a number of different circuits including two races abroad, one race in Germany and one race in the UK. Of course the Dutch Supercar Challenge travels to those great home tracks such as Spa Francorchamps, Zolder and a finale at Assen. This year will also see the Dutch Supercar Challenge host a 24 hour event at Zolder, the perfect opportunity to put your CR1 through its paces.