SSC drivers experience

SSC drivers experience the great friendship and a very helpfull atmosphere from competitors but the battles on the circuit are nothing short of fierce. This is a gentlemans racing class that offers interesting race weekends, and drivers alongside their teams are trying their very best to keep it this way. In SSC competition is on the tarmac – not in the pits!

The classes makes it possible for any driver in any car to compete against drivers in similar cars, with the opportunity to fight for the championship title. They are broken down into 4 classes based on chassis type and engine capacity. There is no minimum weight in the classes and the use of Bio fuel is rewarded with restrictions.

The Danish Special Saloon Car series is a well established championship with more than 35 years of motor racing history. Today, the championship consists of a wide selection of cars, examples include a homebuilt E85 biofuel-powered VW Golf Gti Mk II, all the way to the Aquila CR1 which can runs with a varied selection of engine choices. The series runs over 6 races from April through to October and includes a Special Saloon Festival every year.