Technical Specifications

Weight: 550kg (projected dry weight)
Transmission: Hewland Formula 3 sequential gearbox, 184mm single plate Alcon clutch, Optional paddle shift
Chassis: High strength Aluminium bonded and riveted monocoque.
Brakes: Wilwood 4 piston front and rear. (interchangeable)
Fuel cell: 30litre FT3, centre mounted fuel cell
Suspension: Interchangeable push rod activated adjustable coilovers in the rear, monoshock front damper
Wishbones: All round wishbone setup interchangeable left/right on the front and rear
Wheels: BRAID 17”X9” front /17”X9” rear
Bodywork: Vacuum moulded super lightweight composite bodywork. Easy release system, sectional bodywork for easy repair. High strength plywood replaceable splitter
Cockpit: Easy read steering wheel dash, over spacious design, adjustable brake bias, adjustable pedal box, Adjustable steering column
Safety: FIA spec fire extinguisher system, FIA FT3 safety cell, FIA 6 point harnesses, front crash box, quick release cockpit, FIA spec roll over section. Centred driver position

We also like to point out that the following items are standard on the Aquila Adamo, thus already included in the price tag:

  •  Brake lights and rain light
  •  Wheels with slicks
  •  Fully adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars
  •  Adjustable pedal box
  •  Quick-change facility for open cockpit or closed roof
  •  FIA approved fire extinguishing system
  •  FIA Approved fuel cell
  •  FIA specification roll over section
  •  FIA safety harness
  •  Emerald K6 ECU
  •  Adjustable rear wing

Quick spec

Engine: Toyota 3ZR-FE
Power: 250hp
Weight: 550kg projected dry weight
Power to weight: 2.2kg per hp