Aquila Adamo

The Aquila Adamo is our lightweight high performance race car that has been designed for practical racing use from the ground up. The Adamo concept was developed from a marketing campaign we ran in 2013 in order to understand the desires and needs of our customers. The result is a small sports car that uses an aluminium monocoque, 2.0L Toyota forced induction engine with 250hp and a Hewland Formula 3 gearbox.

Affordable racing

The ethos of Aquila is all about affordable racing, this is why we have carried over the simple component concept that was a success in our CR1. The design of the bodywork, running gear and suspension are simplified to be affordable and reduce the amount of spares teams need to carry. The bodywork is broken down into sections that can easily be replaced, therefore it is possible to have an ‘off’ and then just replace the damaged corner and not half the bodywork. Brake discs, Top hats, Calipers, Pads and Uprights are identical front and rear, as are Hubs, Wheel bearings and Hub carriers. All suspension members are genuinely non-handed, i.e. the same part is used left and right, and all spare suspension arms are jigged and come delivered complete with pressed-in spherical bearings so that no adjustment is required when one is replaced.

The Aquila Adamo has a low mass of 550kg, extremely low centre of gravity, efficient aerodynamics and plenty of power. But the Adamo’s party trick is the ability to be an open cockpit or closed roof sports car. The bodywork and chassis have been designed so that the cockpit change can take place at the track within a few minutes. Both sections of bodywork and the closed roof roll over hoop are supplied with the car at no extra cost.

Quick spec

Engine:Toyota 3ZR-FE
Power: 250hp
Weight: 550kg projected dry weight
Power to weight: 2.2kg per hp