Focused on telent developing

The succes of the Synergy was secured when a Danish promotor bought 20 Synergy’s to run in a new series focused on talent developing young drivers in an easy and cost efficient way. The Synergy is of course ideal for this use as its simple and rugged construction secures a maximum of driving time for a minimum of maintenance and cost. As the cheapest real race car available by some margin the Synergy has a huge sales potential and we are seeking partners to expand on this.

As an aquila partner you…

  • will get a defined area to be dealing the Aquila Synergy and spare part
  • will be running an Aquila Synergy series in your area or facilitate someone to do so
  • will invest or provide investors to secure enough capital to run a series of at least 10 Aquila Synergy

Interested in becoming a partner?