Robin Hafström

“I tested Aquila F1000 in 2021 and was immediately hooked!”

Robin’s career started, like many young Aquila drivers in karting.
His first full season in 2019 was in the class Mini 60 where he won both the District and the Kart Cup West championships.
A continued karting adventure came in the class X30 Junior during 2020.

Hafström got his taste of formula cars in May of 2021 when he tested the Aquila Formula 1000, and he was hooked immediately!

SSK & SPVM Falkenberg

The young driver from Uddevalla would later drive 2 rounds of that year’s championship: Gelleråsen and Kinnekulle.

SSK & SPVM Gelleråsen

After showing strong pace in the pre-season test of 2022, the season could not have started better.
P4 in the first race and a podium came in the second sprint at the premier weekend in Falkenberg!

SSK-Final at Kinnekulle Ring.

Robin will continue to drive with Granforce Racing for the 2023 season.

Looking forward to see you on the tracks, Robin. We think you’ll have a Great Year!

Robin at the SSK-Final at Kinnekulle Ring

Andreas Skatteboe

“In 2023 it will be my turn to win!”

Andreas started in the Aquila Formula 1000 serien 2021 and he got quickly up to speed. Already in the first race there was a podium place and in the 3rd race of the premiere weekend, Andreas actually won!
The great results continued and Andreas finished 3rd in the 2021 series!

Even in 2022, the fine streak continued. A total of 11 podiums, including one victory! This meant that Andreas held 2nd place in the series right up until the last race where he was finally beaten for the silver medal by 2020’s winner, Joel Granfors. Joel who then also competed in British GB3 where he was 2nd for 2022! With such competition, maybe the bronze medal wasn’t so bad?!

SSK-Final at Kinnekulle Ring.

But 2023 could really turn out to be Andrea’s year. There will be an important adjustment to the sporting regulations, which means that Andreas will turn out to be one of the big favorites for the overall victory in the 2023 series!
Last year’s winner, Kevin Suenson and also 2nd Joel Granfors will be moved up to Sportsman according to these rule changes. If you, like Kevin and Joel, have won the Aquila F1000 series and also competed in higher classes, you are automatically promoted to Sportsman.
So Anderas will quite simply find himself in the favorite seat!

SSK & SPVM at Gelleråsen

Andrea’s love for motorsport began with two wheels. The same day he learned to ride a bike, he got his first Motocross!
After training out in the fields for a few years outside his home in Nyköping, Mattias’ father took him to a go-kart competition and Andreas was immediately stuck!
He started out by training in a Cadetti before acquiring a Micro and the actual competition began in 2010, with many podiums as a result.

After three years in Micro, he went to Mini where he fought at the top throughout the season and was one of the winners in a very consistent season. Six different winners in that year’s eight competitions!

The following season it was Rotax junior and RMC and a season in the midfield. Andreas believes that it was mainly the budget that held him back in the intensifying competition and he decided to stop  competing before the 2015 season began.

After 2015 there have been some occasional Gokart entries but mostly Sim racing. But according to Andreas, it’s unfortunately not quite the same thing and he missed live racing a lot!
But in 2019, an opportunity appeared to once again geting into the racing action. A close friend of Andreas had acquired a rally car and needed a co-driver. He asked Andreas, who immediately accepted!! And despite the pandemic, they had some great fun competing in 2020 and 2021.

Mattias, Andreas Dad, with the car they bought in 2021

But in 2020, Andreas and his father Mattias, found a post on Facebook, saying that You could test drive the Aquila Formula 1000 at GTR Motorpark in Eskilstuna.
“I didn’t hesitate for a second. I just signed up! Definitely among the best I’ve done!”
The test drive was carried out successfully and a plan started to shape out for the family… First another test drive and then maybe a purchase of a car!
Said and done. The car was acquired and the rest is, as they say, history!

Andreas believes that one of the most important changes he made in 2022 was that this year’s winner Kevin Suenson started driver-coaching Andreas from the beginning of the season. “I firmly claim that coaching can be one of the most effective measures a driver can take to become faster,” says Andreas.

The guys got on really well and also the coaching worked out brilliantly. So Kevin and Andreas agreed to do this on a more regular basis. They should coach a number of the series younger drivers to get faster in the 2023 season!
“Really looking forward to this,” says Andreas. “The goal for 2023 is to make the drivers I’ll coach really fast and then it would be nice to be able to win the championship title as well,” he concludes.

Fingers crossed, Andreas!

Kevin Rydell

“I started my motorsport career in karting”

Like almost all talented juniors, Kevin began his motorsport career via karting. He started training J60 in 2017,
but did not start competing until 2018.
The first year of competition went very well and he was close to the top already as a debutant. In 2019, he switched to J125, which proved a bit difficult at first, but towards the end of the debut year the speed was coming.
Kevin also drove his first Swedish Championship that year.

2020 was a good season with a win and several podiums in the SKCC series. In the Swedish Championship, Kevin finished 11th, which is really good!

Last year in karting, Kevin switched to OK and S125, which are two very difficult classes. However, the good results continued the whole season with a number of wins and podium places!

2022 was Kevin’s debut year in Aquila Formula 1000. It was a season with both highs and lows.
However, he already showed on the first weekend that the speed is really there and won the best Rookie of the race weekend! A real good start to 2022!

SSK & SPVM Falkenberg

However, Kevin has also had a lot of bad luck in 2022. Two serious crashes during the season meant that the family took a break from the Aquila series in the latter part of the year and returned to karting to keep up the pace despite the break.

This year, however, Kevin continues his motorsport career in Aquila Formula 1000 and recharges for 2023!
We in the series are completely convinced that Kevin will be one of the contenders for the total series victory when the season is summed up in September!
Good luck, Kevin!

Oscar Mellstig

“I want to drive one of those!”

Oscar and his family comes from the Swedish motorsport metropolis of Örebro. He was born in 2009 and turned 14 in January.

When Oscar was 7 years old, he got his first go-kart and since then he has been completely obsessed with motorsport.
He started competing already in his first year and has since driven in the Cadetti, Micro and J60 classes.
During this time he has made great strides and established himself at the top of the J60 in 2020-21.

In 2019, Oscar saw an Aquila F1000 for the first time, he tested it and immediately said “I’m gona drive one of those!”

“There is a lot that is different from karting”

In 2021 he finally was old enough to apply for a dispensation to start training in Aquila Formula 1000. And last year, in 2022, he was one of the youngest to compete!

It was an exciting first Rookie year with both highs and lows.
The season was finally crowned with Oscar finishing in a fine 4th place in the Rookie Cup. Well done Oscar!
The team is now looking forward to another challenging year in Aquila Formula 1000 and are hoping for a number of top results for Oscar

Is the 2023 season the year when Oscar finally starts picking the highly anticipated podium places?
We say: Go Oscar!

Team Mellstig is looking forward to another fun and challenging year in Aquila Formula 1000!

Kalle Svensson

“Will be exciting to see what I can accomplish!”

Kalle Svensson is new to Aquila Formula 1000. He is 22 years old and grew up in Vikbolandet outside Norrköping, Sweden.

In the beginning, football was Kalle’s thing, even though he always had a burning interest in cars and motorsports. Eventually the car thing became more and more interesting and Kalle started running track days with different cars. He went ahead and tested both Formula and also ran a lot of Radical.

Kalle testing Formel Renault at Mantorp

Kalle in one of his favourite cars: A Radical Pro Sport!

Eventually the lap times started to come and they where fast! Kalle became more and more keen to compete. Then when the Aquila Formula 1000 ran a try-out-day at Sviestad, Kalle and his father Per went there to check out the cars: the Aquila F1000 seemed both fun and sensible. Of course Kalle would try!
The test went very well and Kalle’s smooth but fast driving style worked very well in the Aquila. So said and done, the family bought an Aquila and Kalle signed up for the 2023 season!!

The test at Linköpings Motorstadion

Kalle drives his own Aquila in the rain at Knutstorp

Kalle himself comments on the entry into Aquila: “I have not competed in pure racing before, but have many Trackdays and different car types under my belt. So this will be really exciting!
Really looking forward to the 2023 season starting!”

You are so welcome, Kalle!!

Christian Lovén

“First, you have to finish!”

Christian is originally from the small village of Pjesker in Arvidsjaur municipality. However, the family has been living in Karlsborg for a few years now, in the middle of all Swedish Race tracks.

Only just before his 12th birthday did motorsport enter Christian’s life and with great speed!
Then from the first test in karting, to starting in the WC in an Italian Karting factory team it was only 880 days!

After trying to enter the international Karting scene in Europe in 2021, Christian instead chosed the Aquila Formula 1000 Championship for the 2022 season.
Something that turned out to work perfectly as he immediately won the series’ Rookie Cup! Very well done!

SSK-Finals at Kinnekulle Ring.

The goal for 2023 is of course trying to win that Total in the Aquila Formula 1000 series.
But, as his motto always is: “First you have to finish!”

The 2023 season is turning into a real hornet’s nest with many strong candidates! Super exciting!

Viktor Karlsson

“In 2023 I will be fighting at the top!”

Viktor started in motorsport relatively late. In the fall of 2019, as a 14-year-old, he drove his first karting competition and already two years later, in 2021, he belonged to the top tier in Sweden with top positions in e.g. SKCC and the MKR series, as well as in large one-day competitions such as the Gothenburg Grand Prix and others.

The season was crowned with a 5th place in the Swedish Championship and was also selected to the World Finals in the IAME-series in Italian Adria.
In 2022, Viktor moved into Aquila Formula 1000. The Rookie season mixed some technical problems with top placements.

Viktor hanging out with Linus and Joel Granfors

Already in the third competition of the year, he managed to grab a third place and in the Rookie series there were 2 first places and 2 second places during the season.
2022 was a learning year for Viktor as well as the family team, still he managed to take sixth place in the series and second place in the Rookie series!

SSK & SPVM Kinnekulle Ring

In 2023, the goal is to join and fight at the top, with focus on driver development and to continue to build racecraft!
We in Aquila Formula 1000 series looks forward to the 2023 season with excitement!

Kevin Suenson

“Second is the first looser”

Kevin is one of the well-known faces when you hear about the name Aquila. Son of the Owner and founder Dan Suenson, Kevin has been racing for most of his life.
“I always say that I started racing before I walked my first steps” Kevin says and that’s not all wrong. At 8-months-old he started in an electric formula car for kids!

He popped into karting and got himself a pole position and a 2nd place finish at his first race. After some years in the smaller karts, he started driving Formula Ford for a college team in Denmark.

In the very first season in Formula Ford, he won the Danish Championship in the Zetec category. The year after he drove a Double-shuffle in the Danish Formula Ford Championship and OSS Championship E-class in the UK. The Danish college also wanted Kevin to participate in the Formula Ford Euro Cup at Spa Francorchamps that same year and the Nordic Cup.
He managed to take home both Championships! The Euro cup and Nordic cup!

“I felt like flying that year, racing against some really good drivers. It was nice to finish on top together with Autotech Racing in the Formula Fords and Birmingham City University / Scruffy Motorsport in the European Formula Ford Championship.”

Kevin then got the chance to drive the Danish Aquila Synergy Cup and there was a race in Lithuania on a highway.
He won the race and the championship that year and got an international test for a Porsche Cup team!

“I was so happy about the opportunity from Speedlover Racing to have a go in their Porsche Cup car. I was also sad that I didn’t have the budget to race for them, but I showed important people that I’ve got pace and great feeling about car-handling. Plus, it is always a bonus to have the fastest lap of the day!”

Kevin also got the chance to race in the Danish Super GT series and actually won a couple of races in the AM category, but once again budget got in his way for competing in the whole championship.

“Money can buy you horsepower but even if I had enough to go racing in the Le Mans series or some of the other big race series around the world, I would still, and will still come back as many times as I can to the Aquila F1000 championship for some pure racing.” Kevin says.

  • 2008 – Club Champion in Cadetti mini
  • 2009 – Club Champion in Cadett mini
  • 2014 – Danish Formula Ford Zetec Champion
  • 2015 – Danish Formula Ford Zetec Champion, winner of Euro Cup Spa Francorchamps, winner of Nordic Cup Formula Ford and winner of the OSS Championship
  • 2016 – Winner of OSS Championship
  • 2017 – Danish Champion Aquila Synergy Cup
  • 2018 – Winner of Night Race AM category Super GT Denmark
  • 2022 – Winner of Aquila F1000 Sweden

With that said, if you can beat Kevin, you’re one of the best!
Kevin, we’re really proud to have you racing here in the Aquila family!

Richard Olson

“Really Looking forward to compete in the Aquila Formula 1000 Championship!”

Richard started driving Karts in 2019, but it wasn’t until 2020 that he started competing for real. In his debut year, Richard drove 23 national races and managed to come third in the SKCC series, where he competed in the OK class.

The 2021 season started late for Richard after a broken wrist in the first race and also a rib inflammation. After a comeback in September, he managed to win the Kart Cup West and the District Championship in the S125 class.

In 2022, Richard focused on the OK class in the SKCC and SKL series and also a stand in-race in the European Championship and Champions of the Future. Both the SKCC and SKL series were decided in the last race in Kristianstad, which resulted in an overall victory for Richard in both!!

After testing the Aquila on two occasions in 2022, it was clear that Richard wanted to run the full Aquila Championship in 2023.

We wish Richard welcome to the series and we hope for a successfull season 2023!

Rodrigo Seabra

“It is not enough to participate… it is necessary to show capacity”

Rodrigo Seabra is the first international driver that competes in the Swedish Aquila Formula 1000 series with an international ITG-license combined with the unique Aquila Driver Academy International (ADAI) that is a part of the Aquila Driver Academy program. This program is a project between Aquila Formula 1000 and the Racing Commission of the Swedish Automobile Sports Federation (SBF) and Rodrigo is the first young international driver attending this program.

To be able to participate in Aquila Driver Academy International you must have solid experience of international karting, something that Rodrigo really has!

  • 2020 he became National Rotax Champion in Portugal. The same year he also competed in the Benelux IAME championship plus the Italian IAME championship.
  • 2021 he competed in the British Championship and in the IAME Euro Series Championship, finishing 6th place overall with 74 drivers. By the end of that year he went to the US and competed in “Super Nationals USA” in Las Vegas with the impressive result: 1, 2, 3 in the three heats.
  • 2022 he became Rookie of the year in the German DKM Deutsch Kart Masters championship, he also raced in the ADAC Kart Masters championship where he finished 4th over all and finally he was also chosen by the Portuguese Karting Automobile Federation to represent Portugal at the FIA ​​Motorsport Games 2022.

A quite impressive track record for such a young guy!

Alongside racing, he “loves to practice any kind of sports”! He regularly practices Mx Motocross, Surf, Wakeboard and Wake Surf, Water and Snow ski, skate and even basketball with his school team.

Welcome Rodrigo!

Fredrik Lindholm

“Picking up Speed!”

Fredrik Lindholm was born in August 2007 in Stallarholmen, Sörmland.
The road to motorsport was not completely straight, but went via football, volleyball and tennis. Like so many others, there were a lot of rental karting, both at home in Sweden, but also on every holiday around the Mediterranean.

His first own kart was purchased for his 13th birthday. Despite starting late in the season, Fredrik managed 3 races and the debutant sign was buried already after the Höstrusket-race!
Fredrik has managed 2 more seasons in the J-125 class and competed in the MKR series and some RMC and Easykart – a great set-up with training at forenoon and competition in the afternoon.
In 2022 he also participated in the National Championship in Kalmar!

In the first half of the season, he was 3rd in the MKR series, in the end finishing in 9th place after some drifts and engine failures in the second half.
Tried Aquila Formula 1000 during try-on days and was immediately hooked!

The Formula license was taken during autumn 2022, at the same time as Fredrik test drove Formula Nordic.

Fredrik is looking forward to an exciting and educational season and a step forward in motorsport.
He will also drive some karting next year, but will mainly focus on Aquila Formula 1000!

Felix Rohlin

“Jag gillar bilar och motorer!”

Felix Rohlin från Tomelilla, började köra kart redan som 7-åring! D.v.s han har kört fyrhjuliga fordon fler år än han inte har gjort det.
Och resultaten i karting talar också för sig själv:
SM 4:a i karting, DM mästare, totalfyra både i SKCC och Swedish Kart League, mm. Felix är van att hålla till i toppen!

Anledningen att han valde Aquila Formula 1000 för sin fortsatta karriär var att han och pappa Rickard såg det som ett bra sätt att vidareutveckla sin körteknik samt även lära sig hantera ett fjädrat chassie på bana.
Målsättningen, förutom att vinna Aquila-serien så klart, är att ha kul både på racerbanan och i depån. Något som vi i Aquilaserien håller med om: Har man inte kul, blir det inte bra!

Felix är också en av de förare i serien som attraherat flest sponsorer redan från start. En klart imponerande lista!
Skall bli otroligt spännande att följa Felix utveckling här framöver!

AB Klas Berggrens Metallia AB
Skånska Slakterimaskiner AB
Kristianstads Motorslip
Svets och tillbehör
Ystad Bildelar & Däckservice AB
Car Tech I Ystad AB
Ringqvist Grävtjänst AB
AB FMGraphics
Rohlins markis o persienn AB
Sahlins AB
DA lack AB

Alexia ”Lexi” Danielsson

“I år kommer jag tävla både i Aquila F1000 och Kart!”

Alexia Danielsson, född och uppvuxen i Storvreta utanför Uppsala, började köra kart när hon var sju år gammal. I början var det bara som lek men efter något år prövade hon att tävla. Hon visade sig ganska snabbt vara ett ganska omfattande fall av s.k. ”vinnarskalle”!

När hon var tio år gammal så tog hon titelfighten i Formel Micro till sista varven i finalomgången av MKR, där hon slutade på en total andraplats. Ytterligare en andraplats i MKR blev det 2021 när hon som tolvåring körde klassen mini med den äran och blev inofficiellt krönt Sveriges ”Mini-drottning”, med fyra banrekord och en hel massa segrar!

Största segern under säsongen var SKCC i Jönköping i där det största startfältet i klassen på många år gjorde upp. I början av tävlingsdagen hade Lexi aldrig kört ett enda varv på den banan. Av de 49 deltagande förarna var det Lexi som fick kliva högst upp på prispallen och dessutom med ett nytt banrekord. En månad senare kom fler goda nyheter när hon blev den yngsta svenska föraren någonsin att bli tilldelad en formelbilslicens vid 12 år, tre månader och 19 dagar.

Nu är vi framme till nutid. Just fyllda tretton kliver hon upp till riktig racingbil på riktiga racingbanor. Med massor att lära, en ödmjuk inställning, full av ambition och ungdomlig glädje börjar så resan och inlärningen i formelbil i år. Resan för familjen omvänt fortsätter då både mamma, pappa och lillebror hejar flitigt när Lexi är ute och kör som vanligt.
Pappa Alx, är ju dessutom en av Sveriges mest meriterade Formelbilsförare genom tiderna med en totalseger i World Series by Renault 2006 (steget under F1) och dessutom ett antal F1-tester för Renault under bältet, så Lexi har ju lite att brås på här!

Även gokart har en fortsättning, då Lexi kliver upp från en 10hk Formel Mini till en 32hk OKJ. Redan under 2021 fick hon en försmak av klassen då hon fick åka på FIA/Ferraris föraruttagning i Frankrike.
Hur det går i år? Om hon lär sig mycket så är målet uppfyllt. Vi håller tummarna!

Robert Livendahl

“Rally, Karting, Långlopp och nu Aquila!”

Robert inledde sin bilsportkarriär i rally som 16-åring. ”Man startade ju inte så tidigt på den tiden”, säger Robert. Men suget efter ren asfalt ökade och efter något år blev det Karting och Sport 2000.

Klivet in i ren racing blev stora,  tuffa och väletablerade långloppscupen SLC-racing. Författaren körde själv SLC-seriens sprintlopp under denna period och kan vittna om att SLC-serien var STOR. Precis ALLA var där!

Det gick så ”illa” att Robert med familj startade och drev ett rejält tvåbilsteam i klass 1. De hade t.o.m Matte Lindén körandes i teamet. Matte var ju bl.a tidigare fabriksförare i OK:s motorsportssatsning där han körde med en fruktad, turboladdad Porsche 935 RSR med feta OK-loggor på sidorna. Den planschen har suttit i många pojkrum genom åren…!
Teamet körde 2006-2009 och bästa resultat var en Total-2:a plats i Klass 1-getingboet. Imponerande!

Därefter hamnade hjälmen på hyllan och under 10 år blev det bara sporadiska inhopp i Långlopp och Karting.
Så slutligen 2021 kom slutligen det riktiga återfallet! Robert hittade Aquila-serien via sin kompis Rickard Adestam. Han gjorde några inhopp och testade… Ett av inhoppen resulterade i en 3:e-plats totalt i Sportsman på Kinnekulle! Stiligt!

Säsongen 2022 blir en totalsatsning på hela Sportsman-serien.
– Klart jag skall vinna, avslutar Robert.

Leo Åberg

“I år skall jag vara med och slåss om mästerskapstiteln!”

14-årige Leo kliver in i sin tredje säsong av Aquila Formula 1000-mästerskapet med den självklara målsättningen att vara med och slåss om mästerskapstiteln.

– Förutsättningarna finns i år på plats för att kunna prestera på topp och för att förbereda mig ordentligt inför kommande äventyr i snabbare klasser, säger Leo.

Tillsammans med Jesper Sjöberg Racingteam kommer Leo även att satsa på Kungaklassen i gokart, KZ2, parallellt med Aquilakörningen.
– KZ:an är brutal och ger speed, men Aquila är en annan sak. Den behövs som det naturliga steget från stel gokart till fjädrad bil om man har ambitioner att köra riktigt fort även i framtiden, fortsätter Leo.
Och den ambitionen finns!

– Samtal pågår i skrivande stund, men inget är påskrivet än… vad det blir får framtiden utvisa, fyller slutligen pappa Anders i.
Låter otroligt spännande! Vi i klassen håller tummarna för Leo och hoppas på många trevliga nyheter framöver!!

Thomas Glaad

“Jag vill tävla och ha kul!”

Thomas är en av våra nya Sportmen och han blev biten av racingflugan via Sveriges frodiga Trackday-scen. Han hängde med på ett Gran Turismo-event till Pozna i Polen 2016 och därefter var det kört!

Han började med en Ford Mustang Cab, men ville snart ha något snabbare. Det blev en Nissan GT-R och sedan rullade det bara på via Porsche, BMW, Corvette, Ariel Atom och Radical.

Thomas kommenterar själv inhoppet i Aquila: ”Jag har inte tävlat i ren racing tidigare, men har många Trackdays och en säsong i Time Attack med en Porsche Turbo S under bältet. Så detta ska bli riktigt spännande!! Har inga direkta mål, men vill givetvis göra så bra ifrån mig som möjligt!”

Förutom Rookie-säsongen i Aquila är Thomas tillbaka på banorna i ytterligare en Nissan GTR. Låt oss hoppas att vi andra får se även den i depån i sommar!

Thomas i sin Ariel Atom

Till vardags driver Thomas en entreprenadfirma med 3 st anställda och bor i villa i Tungelsta med sambo och sonen Kevin 4 år.

Varmt välkommen, Thomas!!

Milla Sjöstrand

“Mitt mål är att tävla i F1, Indycar och Le Mans”

Milla är en mycket snabb 13-åring som fyller 14 i maj. Pappa John berättar att hon redan som 3-åring bestämde sig för att hennes livsuppgift skulle bli att köra snabba tävlingsbilar! Inget dåligt mål!

Milla har gått hela den långa vägen, via alla de olika kartingklasserna och de två senaste åren, 2020-2021, har Milla tävlat i den internationellt tuffa kartingklassen OK Junior med riktigt bra resultat. Hon är faktiskt den enda tjejen som kört SM i OKJ både 2020 och 2021. Hon har lyckats så bra att hon båda åren blivit uttagen att representera Sverige i det internationella talangprogrammet FIA Girls on track Rising stars. Ett program där man som ”vinnare” tas in i Ferrari Driver Academy… Inget dåligt mål!

Nu senast, 2021, gick hon ända fram till final i juniorkategorin, en final där hon förlorade knappt mot en portugisisk tjej. En kul detalj var att deltagarna redan i finalen testades och tränades av Ferrari i Maranello!
Jag skulle bli mycket förvånad om hon inte kvalificerar sig till tävlingen ytterligare gånger under de kommande åren!

Milla intervjuas i TV4

Milla har under åren dessutom utvecklats till en fin ambassadör för sporten. Hon syns mycket i TV och i tidningar och bedriver ren folkbildning runt karting och racing. Hon har garanterat ”lurat in” ett antal ungdomar och föräldrar i ”kartingträsket”! Keep up the god work, Milla!

I år är det slutligen dags att ta nästa steg: Kartingen under 2022 (SM i OKJ och SM i Elkart) kommer kombineras med träning och ett antal tävlingar i Aquila Formula 1000.
Vi i serien är helt övertygade om att Milla även här kommer göra ett strålande jobb!

Johan Varland

“Aquila Formula 1000 – veckoslutsförarnas Racing-Nirvana!”

”Jag har varit såld på maskiner och motorsport sedan späd ålder, men var ensam om det i familjen under uppväxten.
Teoretisk utbildning, vuxenjobb och processen att sätta fem barn och minst lika många företag till världen kom också emellan.

Men jag har rättat till det sedan några år tillbaka. Banåka med kompressor-Miata, hyrkartsracing, långlopp med BMW och
Impreza, Karting i S125 och DD2 o.s.v ledde fram till Aquila Formula 1000.”

“Magiskt skön och hjälpsam stämning i depån!”

”Klassen är, paradoxalt nog, på samma gång de unga talangernas stepping stone till internationell formelracing
och de medelålders veckoslutsförarnas racing-Nirvana.

Rolig, tät, jämn, billig racing i enormt belönande lätta bilar som bara går och går. När man har provat på några
olika racingklasser tror man knappast det är sant att det finns en klass där bilarna håller så man får köra mer
än 95% av planerad racing. Oslagbart. Dessutom magiskt skön och hjälpsam stämning i depån.”

Elias Adestam

” I’m a racing guy “

The first time I drove myself was in a cross- kart that my father built for me when I was 5 years old. That summer, Grandpa couldn’t grow potatoes because the field was by this time my race-track.

I realised that summer that I ́m a racing guy.


“You never get used to winning”

I started driving kart for real at the end of the 2014 season in a Cadet when I was 8-year old. The following season I started competing in the Micro- class, continued in the same class in 2016 and climbed higher on the score- board.

When I started running Formula Mini in 2017 I was rookie and youngest among the top drivers but still won the season premiere in the MKR series. There were many wins and podiums this summer that were topped with victory in Sweden Cup. Very happy to be at the top of the podium so many times but you never get used to winning!

2018 became a learning-year when I stepped up to “large kart” and drove Rotax junior, X30 junior and also some OKJ competitions.

The 2019 season will be exciting with continued competition in kart but also stepping up to single-seater only 13 years old.

Mille Johansson

“Min grej är egentligen Rally”

Mille Johansson är 15 år och tävlar för Katrineholms MK. Mille kommer närmast från Karting där han tävlade i 2,5 år både i MKR, SKCC och även i SM. Han bytte därefter till Aquila Synergy Cup hösten 2019 och har nu kört fyra tävlingar.
Mille och hans teams långsiktiga mål är att köra JWRC (Junior World Rally Championship) någonstans runt 2023-2024.

Mille kör Aquila för att bygga upp erfarenhet och speed!

William Wulf

“Mitt mål är att köra LeMans”

William är en mycket snabb 14-åring som började köra Aquila 2019 när han var 13 år gammal. Redan första året var han med och slogs i toppen och slutade 2:a, ett fåtal poäng bakom vinnaren Benjamin Frislund. En fantastiskt bra debutår!

William kom 2:a i sitt första Formula4-race!

William dubblerar säsongen 2020 och kör både Aquila Synergy Cup Sverige och även Formula 4 i Danmark. Då William bara är 14 år är planen att fortsätta på samma sätt även nästa säsong (2021). Formula 4 för att lära sig att hantera downforce och Aquila Synergy Cup för att ytterligare förbättra sin racecraft.

Porsche GT4-test

2022 är planen att fortsätta bredda förarkunskapen genom att då gå över till GT via Porsche GT4 Clubsport!

William kommer närmast från Karting där han har massor av tunga meriter och ett mycket imponerande prisskåp!
Några av hans meriter:
– Totalvinnare av Svenska SKCC-serien
– Två 4:e-platser i DKM i OKJ. Då tävlande som yngste förare någonsin.
– Ett stort antal topp10-placeringar i WSK
– Utsedd att representera Danmark i CIK-FIA Academy Trophy i Belgien, Frankrike och Italien.