Aquila Formula 1000

Champions of the future

2022 - Kevin Suenson wins the series and Christian Lovén wins the F4 test!


Tight Premiere for Aquila Formula 1000 at Kinnekulle Ring!

This weekend saw the start of the Aquila Formula 1000 2023-series at Kinnekulle Ring in Västergötland. 17 cars lined up in the Premiere of Sweden’s foremost entry-level series in Formula…

Livesstreaming-links to the season opener for 2023 at Kinnekulle Ring!

Finally it’s time for the 2023 season opener! First out is SSK1 at Kinnekulle Ring and as usual we will Livestream the whole season! Links to Saturdays Broadcast with Swedish… – new partner and exclusive tire supplier for Aquila Formula 1000 in 2023!

Ahead of the 2023 season, Aquila Formula 1000, one of the Nordics’ largest racing classes, and, with Sweden’s widest range of motorsport-related products, are starting a new partnership. This…

Aquila Formula 1000

Aquila Formula 1000 is for you who love motorsport! A perfect class between Gokart and racing cars, between formula car and street-based racing cars. The Synergy car gives the young racing drivers a great opportunity to develop their talent, but is also an excellent class for anyone who wants to try racing, become a really good driver and measure your ability with others in really tight races!

Aquila Formula 1000 run together with other major series and therefore provide the opportunity for media coverage.

If you drive go-karts and want to try what it’s like to drive a formula car, Aquila Formula 1000 is the series you should drive.

Here in Aquila Formula 1000 you get the chance to develop and mature into a more “adult” and all-round racing driver who can then progress to higher classes.

Starting with the 2020 season, we have also introduced a so-called Sportsman class. A “Senior class” that runs parallel to the regular Aquila-series.

The rules are the same as for the juniors. The only difference is this:

  • You can drive in the Sportsman class from the year you turn 25.

Note: The car is suitable also for very tall drivers. The car can handle “original” people who are approx. 195 cm long without major problems.

Responsible for the Sportsman-class are Michael Karpers, so just contact him if you have any questions or are interested!

You can reach him via Email: mk (at) aquilasynergycup (dot) se, or via direct messages on FB: