Formular Ford FD1

Probably the most innovative Zetec-engined racecar ever built!

With a huge Formula Ford history the key personnel in Aquila used their own concept to set themselves a new challenge. The Aquila Formula Ford is a no compromise Formula Ford chassis, designed for use on tracks with a preponderance of slow and medium speed corners, which characterize many tracks today.

That said, this does not mean that the car is not fast on circuits with long straights and fast corners, it simply means that it is compact enough to get around sharp corners more easily and put its power down well, with adequate rearward weight transfer despite the low centre of gravity.

The Aquila Formula Ford breaks the trend of Formula Ford chassis getting ever longer, taller and fatter.

We spent a lot of time studying the Technical Regulations, with the assistance of Ford and the UK Formula Ford Chief Scrutineer. We thoroughly revisited the basic features that constitute a good racing car in order to synthesize the Aquila Formula Ford concept.

No current Formula Ford is more compact and has a lower center of gravity and smaller frontal area than the Aquila Formula Ford, yet it will easily accommodate even very tall and wide hipped drivers. It took a lot of thought to reach these objectives, but we think we succeeded very well in achieving them.

See an Aquila Formula Ford next to competing chassis, and it is visibly and strikingly compact in comparison.