CR1 M60 B40 is the base model of all the CR1

This is the most affordable of the engine variants currently available for the Aquila CR1, as the engines are race prepared and re-built in-house by Aquila.

The DOHC 32-valve 4 litre M60 offers an excellent combination of performance, reliability and affordability, and with the M60-series being one of the most prolific BMW V8 engine ever made, spares supplies and maintenance capabilities are easy to obtain and will remain so for year to come.

Due to its modest state of tune in the Aquila CR1 application, the M60 is very reliable, allowing up to several seasons between re-builds, and whilst having potential for further tuning, in its standard state of tune it is very gentle on the transmission and other mechanical components.

The Aquila-BMW M60 is an effective and affordable all-round choice for classes restricted by both cubic capacity and by power-to-weight ratio, as it needs little or no ballast, allowing the Aquila CR1’s excellent handling and mechanical grip to be exploited to the full.

How to buy

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CR1 M60 prices start at €129,000.00