The Corvette LS3 engien is a lightweight aluminimum block

It is kept stock, to ease maintenance.

The direct alternative to the full-out LS7, the LS3 is still a big and very powerful engine at 6.2 litres, yet it is also very affordable, as it leaves out some of the more exotic and costly internal features of its bigger and even more powerful brother.

As it shares its main architecture and many components with the LS7, the installations of the LS3 and the LS7 are virtually identical.

For racing series with restrictions on power-to-weight ratio, the LS3 is probably the best all-round choice of engine for the Aquila CR1, as it delivers more power and torque than either of the smaller capacity BMW engine options, and like its bigger brother the LS7 it doesn’t need any significant degree of race tuning, which ensures reliability and low operating costs, yet it is powerful enough to haul useful amounts of wing and ‘survivable’ amounts of ballast.

How to buy

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CR1 LS3 prices start at €159,000.00