CR1 Features

The Aquila CR1 has a low mass of 900kg, extremely low centre of gravity, low frontal area and plenty of power. Moreover, the Aquila CR1 chassis has undergone more than four seasons of continuous and competitive racing development. It has quickly become established as one of the most recognised and successful Sports GT available today.

We also like to point out that the following items are standard on the Aquila CR1, thus already included in the CR1 price tag:

  •  Integral air jack system
  •  Windshield wiper system
  •  Headlights, taillights, brake lights and turn signals
  •  Centre lock hubs
  •  Wheels with slicks
  •  Fully adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars (front bar adjustable by driver)
  •  Electrically heated triplex windshield for de-misting
  •  Adjustable pedal box for reach from driver’s seat
  •  Quick-change facility for left hand drive or right hand drive
  •  Electrically activated fire extinguishing system.
  •  OBR Euro4 ECU
  •  Adjustable rear wing

We see it as an advantage that engines for the CR1 are always big V8’s in standard tune, as this is the most reliable and affordable way to obtain the highest level of performance for our customers.

Another feature that we, and our customers are very pleased with on the Aquila CR1 is the design of bodywork, running gear and suspension for simplified and affordable logistics: The nose section is bolted together from 4 smaller pieces, the engine cover from 3 smaller pieces and side pod/panel components are interchangeable left and right; it is possible to have an ‘off’ and then just replace the bits of the damaged corner and not half the bodywork. Brake discs, Top hats, Calipers, Pads and Uprights are identical front and rear, as are Hubs, Wheel bearings and Hub carriers. All suspension members are genuinely non-handed, i.e. the same part is used left and right, and all spare suspension arms are jigged and delivered complete with pressed-in spherical bearings so that no adjustment is required when one is replaced.

The Aquila CR1 will also accommodate two 6’ 8” (207cm) tall persons simultaneously in a car that only measures 1025mm from the tarmac to the top of the roof!

How to buy

If you want to purchase an Aquila CR1 Sports GT please fill this form and choose between various options.