Danish race car manufacturer

Aquila racing cars is a Danish race car manufacturer built from success! Although the company has only been established since 2003 the key personnel involved have been racing for decades. With success across Europe and Scandinavia the enthusiasm within Aquila Racing Cars comes from a pure love for motorsport.

Chief designer Anders W. Bonde and General manager Dan Suenson with their individual organizations decided to team up to construct a revolutionary Formula Ford that would set new standards in this ‘feeding’ series. And they di: In 2005 development started and by 2006 the Aquila FZ1 was born winning its first international races. The Aquila FZ1 won the 2007 Danish Formula Ford championship with Christian L. Markussen at the wheel. Both drivers finished in the points every race that season. You can read a lot more about the FZ1 in Racecar Engineering June ’07 under the headline “Probably the most innovative Zetec-engined racecar ever built!”

By 2008 a regulation change in Formula Ford required running with a Duratec engine. In response the FD1 was quickly developed and in its first season out dominated the Danish championship with Fukamoni Racing’s Kevin Magnussen fresh from karting. The season included several victories and lap records.

We love motorsport!

Watching the cars, listening to them, making them go just that bit faster than the others, being part of the right team, being where speed is at its maximum, feeling the G-forces pressing us into the seat, the scream of the engine, and last – but not least – seeing the checkered flag when we reach the finish line.

It’s just like that.

“Aquila Racing Cars will continue to produce and develop high performance race cars at a reasonable market price without compromise to safety or quality. By exploring new markets worldwide Aquila Racing Cars aims to have the brand ‘Aquila’ known universally in motorsport.”