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Vi har fået ny hjemmeside. Finder du fejl/mangler så skriv til os via yak@esenet.dk

About Aquila

A decade ago Aquila set out to design a revolutionary Formula Ford that would set new standards in the class. It proved a winner – and Aquila went on from there.

Become an Aquila Partner

As an low cost race car the Aquila Synergy has huge sales potential and we are seeking partners in even more countries.

How to buy

Read more about the three models for purchasing an Aquila Synergy and request a qoute.

Talented thinking

At Aquila Racing Cars

That is basically what we do at Aquila Racing Cars!
After many years in motor racing we are proud to offer our newest car the SYNERGY Synergy as a result of combining talents in many ways:

  • The Synergy is designed specifically to learn talented drivers how to handle a true race car
  • To keep down costs it is designed using as few components as possible while still being very strong, safe and reliable
  • Not least it is available in different forms of collaboration with schools to make the synergy between racing and learning accessible to as many as possible

Everything we know about building race cars went into the SYNERGY, so all our own talents are combined here too.  The end result: The most cost efficient race car in the world – at a world beating price!

Latest news

Night Race, Padborg Park, 23 – 24.8 2019

Successful debut for the Aquila Synergy in Norway

A great debut at the Våler race track Aquila Racing Cars’ Synergy cars had a great debut at the Våler race track in Norway as 15 talented drivers lined up...

New Synergi Monocoque update

Rockingham Whilst participating in a race event at Rockingham in June 2016, one of the factory entered prototype Synergy’s suffered a failure to the monocoque’s Front Lower Wishbone – Front...

Chatrine Brusgaard
”Det har været en meget positiv oplevelse at få lavet ny hjemmeside igennem Seekings. Processen har været let og lige til. Vi er utrolig glade for resultatet og den hjælpe vi har haft til at få tingene op og kører.” Mvh. Vorupør Camping👍læs mere
Jean Mehlsen
Fik lavet hjemmeside ved seekings (Thomas ) har laves den fedeste hjemme side til kan kun anbefal dem at de skal lave din hjemme side vh Albertinelund campinglæs mere
Jesper Enggaard Johansen
Seekings (Andreas) har været tovholder på vores nye hjemmeside og grafiske linje. Der har været klarhed over hele processen og vi er meget glade for samarbejdet.. Martin Juhl El-Teknik..læs mere

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