New small car

We thought it was time for another update on the development of our new small car, progress is going well and a number of parts have already been designed, 3D tested and produced, the mock up chassis is ready for an Aluminium version to be produced and we have even chosen what gearbox the car will use.

Development is on target and many aspects of the new car are starting to fall into place, although there is still no sign of any bodywork yet, it’s more important to get the chassis right first time around. We love the enthusiasm of those who continue to write to us asking for images, but we are afraid you will have to wait just a little bit longer before we have anything to show you.

When producing a car we always start with safety, it’s an imperative subject for anyone producing a race car and something we take very seriously here at Aquila. The chassis has been designed around keeping the driver safe while following regulations and guidelines that all modern race cars use. We will use a crash box in the front of the car and a successful computer simulation has already been completed.

Major developments

Some of the major developments we are working on include the monocoque, suspension, uprights and wishbone all with completed computer designs. We have already produced uprights that will undergo testing later this month and the mock up monocoque feels fantastic, very safe and spacious. We predict an aluminium version will give the driver a feeling of security with plenty room to get comfortable whilst driving.

Work has not stopped there, it is always a tireless task contacting suppliers and building relationships with companies that will deliver parts and vital components for us, the majority of our time has been spent sending emails and on the phone to suitable suppliers. An early announcement we can confirm, is that we will continue to work with Hewland Engineering and the new car will use a Hewland FTR gearbox, the same gearbox used in Formula 3. Sticking with such a reputable and reliable gearbox manufacturer was a key goal for Aquila and we are pleased that we were able to continue using their systems.

The hunt for a powertrain is still on and we are in discussions with several potential manufacturers, all seemingly confident about meeting our 250hp benchmark which is always comforting. Brakes, suspension and other components will be announced in due time.


We are seeking representatives with strong motorsport links in various territories.

As a relatively small manufacturer from southern Denmark, it would be very hard for us start a championship in say the U.S or even elsewhere in Europe, furthermore technical support would prove a nightmare! That’s why we are seeking enthusiastic representatives to join the Aquila family and help us create a single mark series in a territory they are familiar with.

The marketing strategy is almost complete and the opportunity for a single mark series using the car in Denmark is something that we are working hard to close in on, our team in the UK are also working on a business plan and proposals will be sent out to other affiliates of ours.

If you are interested in representing Aquila in your territory then feel free to enquire: Here