Two years of work for the small Danish automaker Aquila Racing Cars from Gram culminated at Jyllandsringen this weekend: This was the time span passed from the conception of the idea of ​​a new entry-level race car until 19 newly built Synergy’s stormed down the straight to the first start.

As connoisseurs of motorsport will know there is much that can go wrong with a new car, and many eyes anxiously followed the grid: Of course Aquila’s own employees lead by founder and General Manager Dan Suenson. FDM who own cars and deploys them in the series FDM Sport. The many new sponsors. And not least the drivers who had to deliver in the race series that is conceived as a proving ground for Denmark’s future racing talents.

Expectations were high and so was the nervousness: What would happen when 19 young talents all wanted to prove their talent? Great racing was the outcome and so thought not only the drivers but also the spectators: There were close battling up front, in the middle and even at the back of the field. Added to this was drama of an of-track excursion, a safety car period and some touching and rubbing, but all nervous mines were dashed as racing was great and no new series could really wish for a better debut.


At Aquila Racing Cars we absolutely agree: ”The Aquila Synergy is designed and constructed as a real racing car, focusing on driveability, reliability and safety, and they proved exactly that” said Dan Suenson proudly afterwards. A single car missed Heat 2 with a faulty injector on the Toyota engine, and although it was located the short time between the two heats did not allow if to be rectified. All the other newly built cars vertainly delivered the goods: “The lap times were consistently fast, the offs and collisions had no further consequence and all weekend they showed super racing,” said Dan Suenson: “This was exactly the vision I had when I first thought of a new feeder class race car, so I am elated for this debut weekend and says FDM Sport a big thank you for having chosen Synergy and made it all possible. ”

The Aquila Synergy racer has also attracted attention abroad, which is the next step for the Danish manufacturer: “Many young people are looking for the right career path in motorsport, including the important transition from karts for real racing cars – and exactly this is what the Synergy designed for” , said Dan Suenson, who is convinced that the impressive debut weekend will help get the message across to the European racetracks.