At Aquila Racing Cars we are continously working towards our motto “Talented Thinking” and are very proud of our latest car, the Aquila Synergy, which is developed specifically to support this motto.

Not least because the talented thinking applies to the driver as well as the supporting team and indeed the students involved in building the cars in the first place. Hence the name Synergy, really: Together all of the above can apply their talented thinking.

So did we when considering a suitable prize for the winner of the first Aquila Synergy-poweredchampionship, the Danish FDM Sport-series. Starting in April 2016 the series will see a talent pool of upcoming drivers fighting it out in the efficient, lightweight and entertaining Aquila Synergy. At the end of the season one driver will emerge as the winner. What will he wish for?

Most probably to take his talent even further. And Aquila Racing Cars will help in this.

Therefore we are very proud to announce that the winner of the FDM Sport championship 2016 will receive a test in a Ligier LMP3 car. The prize is offered in a cooperation between Aquila Racing Cars and KEO Racing, the Danish racing team known from Formula Renault and other competitive series.

We think that is the best way we can support the winner – whoever this might be. It’s not that much about luck, we know – but we wish all the drivers in FDM Sport a lot of it anyway!

The test will be carried out in one of the: Ligier’s new LMP3 car, provided in cooperation with Danish team KEO Racing.