eO an alternative motorsport

eO is an alternative motorsport company from Latvia that have created this, the PP01 an all-electric supercar, and will attempt a record breaking ascent to the Pikes Peak summit in Colorado, USA. The ambitious rookie entry will compete in the world famous hill climb competition on June 30th and will be piloted by the Baltic touring car champion Janis Horeliks.

Many Aquila fans will be able to spot the stunning styling of our CR1 sports GT immediately, but that is where the similarities end. eO have developed a tubular space frame prototype chassis and an innovative 400kW (540hp equivalent) all-wheel electric drive powertrain mounted underneath carbon fibre CR1 bodywork. A set up like that certainly makes it a worthy contender, and we must say eO have done a fantastic job preparing the car!



91st gathering

This year will see the 91st gathering of drivers to climb the 20km Pikes Peak course. In recent years the entire length of the run has been gradually paved, allowing tarmac specification cars to show their prowess. So far no electric car has won the event outright, but they are becoming a force to be reckoned with as lithium ion batteries and electric motors shrink in size and grow in power. Not to mention the advantage over combustion engines as an electric motor will suffer no power loss at high altitude where the air is a lot less dense.

This year will feature a heated battle and no easy task as the driver line-up includes; current record holder Rhys Millen, Tajima Nabuhiro aka Monster, and the 9-time world rally champion Sebastien Loeb.

“We know our technology is capable of breaking the current Pikes Peak record…” says eO chief engineer Andris Dambis, “…but there is an incredibly tight field battling it out this year. We therefore acknowledge the unpredictable nature of the event but nevertheless aim to showcase previously unseen electric vehicle capabilities, that is the spirit at eO.”

The company is already well known for its ambitious electric motorsport projects. eO’s electric off-roader built in 2011 has completed 18,000 km’s across three continents, including the gruelling Dakar rally.

The team are already in Colorado and have had the car out for testing previously, all project updates will be posted on driveeo.com and live race day coverage will be available from ppihc.com and redbull.tv. So make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to watch what we think is the most beautiful car ever to take on the mountain.

Electric powered vehicles are ever present in the automotive industry now. Here at Aquila ideas are already flowing through the pipelines for something using not just the bodywork, but also our seasoned chassis, watch this space…