Development of our next car well under way

It goes without saying that excitement is in the air here at Aquila and with the development of our next car well under way it is almost time to start putting together the remaining pieces that will make up the final construction. After reviewing the answers from our customers and fans in a survey we held back in February our design team have worked flat out to design the chassis and surrounding components, we are now happy to inform you that the monocoque is currently being laser cut and we will soon be able to post images of what the chassis will look like. Finding the correct suppliers has been a big challenge for us and we are now in the final stages of negotiating with engine suppliers, that means this update will contain no news on what powertrain it will use just yet.

Our main goal was to create the customers’ car, an affordable car based on direct market research, this has been fundamental since the beginning of the project. While hundreds of ideas for the cars styling have been thrown around the office the latest idea from the design team certainly tops them all. The best way to truly make our next product the customers’ car, is to let our fans design the bodywork! So we are now going to hold a competition that anyone can enter, you can enter alone or join forces with friends as a team, however all entrants must sign a non disclosure agreement. So whether your are an amateur designer, a bored engineer or even skilled enthusiast with a flair for design and styling we want to give you the chance to have your name as the designer of our new car. Not only that, you will be given the chance to work alongside our design team and help develop the new car when the time comes to test. Yes, that means you will also be given the opportunity to get behind the wheel and put in a few test laps!

Equality is important and we also wish to make the competition fair for everyone, so any questions asked by entrants will be made public so that all entrants answers to questions asked by their competitors. This keeps the competition fair and avoids any repeat questions taking up our designers time.

Naturally we have taken care of the chassis development and we will of course set guidelines as to what can be designed so that the bodywork fits the rest of the car, after the entrants have signed an non disclosure agreement they will be given a 3D CAD model in step file format of the complete car without bodywork. Should competitors wish to work by hand they can contact Aquila to obtain a 3-view chassis drawings to scale from.

The bodywork design should preferably be submitted to Aquila in 3D STEP-format. Design sketches and completed drawings done by computer rendering or by hand are also acceptable, but should at least be reasonably true to scale. Manually prepared drawings shall be in tenth, fifth or quarter scale. Perspective sketches need not be in any particular scale, but all drawings or sketches shall be submitted as scanned JPG-format images.

Should a competitor decide to submit an entry in 2D CAD, then DXF is the preferred format.


The way the car looks is very important and as with any car it will define the way people perceive the car, so guidelines will be set and entrants will be required to work within set dimensions. The evaluation of the submitted designs will be performed exclusively by Aquila and the winning design will be the one which in Aquila’s judgement displays the most favourable combination of the following properties:

  • Attractive aesthetics
  • Efficient aerodynamics
  • Low manufacturing costs
  • Low repair and maintenance costs
  • Low tooling costs
  • Practical use and user friendliness

In order for competitors not to risk running off at a tangent and continuing work in vain, there will be a qualification round of contributions submitted no later than the 31st October 2013. Aquila will at this point select the candidates which appear realistically best able to complete the contest.

To enter the competition please contact us stating you wish to receive the competition rules via email: or you can write to us from the contact page on our website

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