Order of 20 cars

We are happy to announce that a new series of Aquila Synergy’s will be rolled out for a Danish championship in 2016. An order of 20 cars has been placed by an FDM/DTC collaboration that will see the first single mark Aquila Synergy series to be produced support the Danish Touring Car Championship on TV.

Along with the Aquila UK team and BCU Racing we have been competing in the BRSCC OSSChampionship (Class E) developing our new little race car. We’ve made many adjustments to the car in some very well respected and competitive Motorsport. Changes include a redesign to the ECU, cooling system, mounting hardware for the brakes, gear change components, bodywork fitment and now sees the car race ready for some very close and entertaining racing in its own series.

Our very own Aquila-bred racing/test driver Kevin Suenson has spent half his season driving the car in the UK along with experienced drivers Matt Domin and Paul Watson from Scruffy Motorsport, providing some very useful feedback on set up and how the car feels on different circuits. The car has even been driven by students from BCU Racing proving it as an excellent beginner’s platform for people wanting to get into motorsport on a budget.

Any interested Danish drivers, rookies, or other drivers wanting a season on Danish circuits should feel free to get in touch with and we will show you how to join in the fun!