The Bricar MSA endurance championship is a UK based series with an impressive following of fans and a lot of high caliber racing, The championship runs an imprseeive 24 hour event which attracts alot of attention from the media and fans from accross the world.

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Danish Supercar Challenge

The Danish Supercar challenge is one of the local series in which the CR1 competes in and home to many proud CR1 owners. Running with a healthy grid this championship always has its exciting moments…


Danish Special Saloon Car series

The Danish Special Saloon Car series is a well established championship running on Denmarks most popular tracks, every year there is a festival event which helps maintain the championships friendly atmosphere. The SSC runs over four classes and has a grid that varies from VW golfs to Aquila CR1’s.

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Dutch Supercar Challenge

The Dutch Supercar Challenge is certainly a fierce championship and the CR1 has been competing in this championship since 2009. This championship runs on a varied selection of tracks in Holland and also includes races in Germany and the UK. The Dutch Supercar Challenge includes a 24hour event at Zolder, another opportunity to put your CR1 through its paces.

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Open Sportscar Series

The OSS is an open championship in the UK, designed to encourage engineering talent at a low cost.Tthis championship has a fierce grid and a relaxed paddock and is a perfect opportunity to show off what your CR1 can do without ballast or engine restrictions.

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