Aquila Racing Cars is a Danish racecar manufacturer built from success! Although the company has only been established since 2003 the key personnel involved have been racing for decades.

With success across Europe and Scandinavia the enthusiasm within Aquila racing cars comes from a pure love for motorsport.

We design our cars as simply as we possibly can. Price to the client comes only second to how safe our cars are. With innovative solutions we keep our own costs down and pass those savings on to the customer.

Our inspiration was to create a top-level of highly attractive cars for “gentlemen drivers” and family to enjoy driving a top spec race car without being mechanics or millionaires. However with our pedigree we also wanted a race winning car to attract race teams and drivers. Enter the Aquila CR1 sports GT…

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Chief designer Anders W. Bonde and General manager Dan Suenson with their individual organizations decided to team up to construct a revolutionary Formula Ford that would set new standards in this ‘Einsteiger’ series.

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